Team workshops & Group coaching programs
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Interactive team workshops

Team Workshops

Our Team workshops address individual resilience as the foundation for sustained performance. Through highly interactive modular programs, the participants identify their “resilience drivers” and learn through the SUSTAIN-model™ how to make changes that last and how to proactively craft sustainable performance.


To achieve sustained business performance while keeping their workforce fully engaged over time, organisations need to focus on the people who matter most – their Talents & Teams!


Organisations benefit by developing a culture that fosters individual as well as organisational resilience as the foundation for sustained performance & growth.


Every day, organisations need to create awareness, build a supportive workplace culture, and provide Talents & Teams with opportunities to grow and perform in the long run.


We offer enriching learning & development programs for your training portfolio… a great way to develop, inspire and engage your Teams!

Tailored programs

All our L&D initiatives, from an initial one hour conference to the full two-and-a-half day workshop are fully adapted to your needs.

We adapt our content to reflect your key messages and match your internal communication.

Interactive voting system
High engagement

We use interactive voting systems to bring the audience together, provide group feedback and engage all participants.

We stimulate the group’s collective intelligence to boost your learning experience.

Team development workshop
Debrief & follow up

We collect valuable data and summarise our views of your organisation’s further development needs in a tailored, confidential report.

We offer one-on-one debriefs to support individuals and create change that lasts.

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For our clients we deliver programs in Switzerland and abroad in different formats, e.g. conferences, all-hands-on-deck meetings, employee information sessions, Lunch & Learn seminars and interactive workshops. Our modules are available in English, French or German and can be fully tailored to your needs. To learn more, just get in touch with us: