Leading through effective feedback and non-violent communication


Leading through effective feedback and non-violent communication

Are you comfortable in both giving and receiving feedback? Feedback is an opportunity to engage in conversations that make a difference. When managed effectively, feedback plays a key role in developing talent and builds a strong base for high-performance team collaboration.


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What you will learn

Feedback can play a key role in creating deeper work relationships and strengthening your team. To manage feedback conversations effectively, leaders and their teams need to develop a mix of emotional intelligence and needs-based feedback management skills.

  • Identify ways to empower someone to keep doing great work.
  • Learn how to deliver feedback —good and bad— that is clear and specific.
  • Explore ways to strengthen team bonds through a needs-based approach to feedback & the use of non-violent communication.

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1-day or 1/2 day interactive team workshop
Face-to-Face, Online

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90 min interactive online training


45-90 min individual coaching sessions
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Andrea Zahno

Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in providing training, coaching, and consulting to organizations and individuals. Passionate about exploring the organizations' complexity and its impact on individuals, she helps companies find solutions to create a healthy work environment that empowers people to contribute in a meaningful way to collective success. Andrea holds a master’s degree in science and is a qualified psychologist.


Your facilitator

Frédéric Meuwly

Frederic is passionate about teams and organizations development which led him to create Actitudes Coaching back in 2010. As a consultant and keynote speaker, he helps senior executives and their teams drive change, enhance leadership, and strengthen workplace culture. Frederic recently published his vision of teams and organizations development in a book entitled "Sustainable Teams: 18 drivers to enable high-performance teamwork" .


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