High-performing teams accelerator program

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High-performing teams accelerator program

Eager to make high-performance teamwork happen within your organization? The 3-Months Sustainable Teams Accelerator Program is designed as a modular teambuilding workshop series that empowers leaders and their teams to go beyond their current routines and find the inspiration and tools they need to achieve long-term success.


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What you will learn

This 3-months teambuilding accelerator program will help you as a leader and your team navigate complexity together by focusing on what matters. The 18 team sustainability drivers empower your team to fully leverage collective intelligence, concentrate your energy on what you can influence, and “play to win” as you pursue collective goals. As a result, your team will tend to outperform other teams in terms of both results and organizational impact as you will learn to:

  • consistently act in accordance with your purpose and core values, regardless of the turbulence in your environment.
  • consciously choose to co-create value with all stakeholders in your ecosystem.
  • be always mindful of how your choices in the present will drive long-term organizational health and performance.

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3-6 months integrated teambuilding program
Face-to-Face, Online

Live Online Class

1/2 day live online team program


Consulting for Leaders + HR + L&OD specialists
Face-to-Face, Online

Your facilitator

Andrea Zahno

Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in providing training, coaching, and consulting to organizations and individuals. Passionate about exploring the organizations' complexity and its impact on individuals, she helps companies find solutions to create a healthy work environment that empowers people to contribute in a meaningful way to collective success. Andrea holds a master’s degree in science and is a qualified psychologist.


Your facilitator

Frédéric Meuwly

Frederic is passionate about teams and organizations development which led him to create Actitudes Coaching back in 2010. As a consultant and keynote speaker, he helps senior executives and their teams drive change, enhance leadership, and strengthen workplace culture. Frederic recently published his vision of teams and organizations development in a book entitled "Sustainable Teams: 18 drivers to enable high-performance teamwork" .


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