Critical decisions

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Critical decisions

How often do you have to make critical decisions? What is the cost, what is the impact of these decisions? Are you sometimes frustrated about the way decisions are made in your company? Did you sometimes wish you had a method? Are you aware of your biases?


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The Covid crisis has highlighted a couple of realities: decision making is the leaders' top skill, they need to make decisions without having all the data, and they have to manage complexity and change not only during the time of the decision, but maybe more importantly after.
The "Critical Decisions" workshop will help you understand the various parameters to consider when making critical decisions and proposes a unique methodology combined with Gerositus®, a powerful digital tool that helps you manage critical decisions in real-time:

  • Simulate your options before making critical decisions
  • Monitor in real-time how critical decisions influence your business context
  • Manage risk proactively while making critical decisions

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1/2 day or 1-day workshop for C-Level teams and Boards
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90 min interactive online training


Custom program directly applied to your project
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Leadership coaching focused on making critical decisions
Face-to-Face, Online

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Marco Mancesti

Marco advises leaders on how to navigate their strategic roadmap, make critical decisions, manage stakeholders, and empower high performing teams. He held various senior leadership roles in the industry and has led IMD Business School’s Research team for more than 10 years. Marco regularly publishes articles to share his views on leadership and strategy. Two of his articles, “The Disruption-Fit Leader” and “Is VUCA the End of Strategy and Leadership” rank on top of Google search results in their category. In the last few years, Marco developed a leadership model called Gerositus®, a suite of management methodologies, each supported by a dedicated digital companion.


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