Breath, nervous system & everyday stress

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Breath, nervous system & everyday stress

We all run busy lives those days and, although stimulating, our rhythms often lead us to exhaustion and cumulated stress. Prolonged stress creates lots of imbalance in the function of the body and in extreme cases may lead to burnout and depression. The simplest, innate, and most effective system to counterbalance stress is our breath.


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All sensory functions in our body are governed by nerves, the autonomous nervous system. All thoughts and perceptions are also governed by nerves, the central nervous system. Breathing is an inherent function that links the autonomous with the central nervous systems and equilibrates not only our mental state but also the function of the heart. Stress hijacks our system and creates disbalance. It uses a lot of energy in detriment of functions such as digestion and immunity and maintains the body in a hyperarousal state where it is difficult to relax and enjoy a fully recovering sleep.

  • Identify the impact of stress in your daily life, the stressors, and the symptoms.
  • Learn ways to counterbalance stress and adopt a balanced schedule.
  • Explore breathing patterns that balance immediately both physical and mental states.

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Kallia Apazoglou

Kallia combines a background in neuroscience with extensive practice as pranayama yoga instructor. She helps individual refine their posture and breathing patterns, re-connect with themselves, clear their mind and thrive! She helps participants understand how their body-brain-mind respond to different levels of stress from a neurobiological perspective, revisit their thought patterns and habits to build-in resilience through knowledge and awareness, and optimize their mental-physical well-being and productivity.


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