Is your leadership sustainable?

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Our programs for Leaders will focus on you and your assessment of your teams using the Sustain-Model™. We’ll explain how key you are to your team and show you the impact you can have on the people around you. Look after yourself and your team and you’ll see the lasting impact it will have!


In today’s fast-moving business environment, Leaders strive to exceed business expectations while navigating through rapid changes that create insecurity and uncertainty. By integrating a new Leadership style you’ll put your team on the track towards sustainable performance. Welcome to the “Sustainable Leadership” era!


With the Sustain-Model™ programs for Leaders you’ll have a better understanding of the key factors in your radar to guarantee a sustainable level of energy, engagement and performance within your team.

On a more personal note, developing the “Sustainable Leadership” mindset will help you develop as a caring Leader, benefiting both you and your team.


The Sustain-Model™ programs for Leaders integrate the latest concepts on Sustainable Leadership and provide practical examples that you can implement to develop your team into a “sustainable team”. Ready to learn the key behaviors that allow successful Leaders to navigate through change & uncertainty with brio, while maintaining resilience and performance at optimal levels?

Sustainable Leadership

Our goal is to design innovative programs that promote Sustainable Leadership and bring the “Building Sustainable Teams” mindset into your Leadership Development Curriculum.

Leaders development advice
Sustain Model™ for Leaders

The Sustain-Model™ programs for Leaders address the complexity of your Leadership role in today’s workplace. Designed to efficiently integrate the latest know-how in “Talent Sustainability” you’ll be given the tools to integrate this awareness into your Leadership style and help your organisation develop a culture of “Sustainable Leadership”.

Leaders development curriculum

Focusing on real life case studies and the latest Leadership trends and best-practices.

We encourage cross-mentoring among business Leaders so that you can benefit from direct feedback from your peers.

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Debrief & follow up

We are all unique, so we offer one-on-one debriefs and personal advice on the priorities of your choice to accelerate personal & organisational change.

Valuable insights about your Leadership style help you make changes that will transform you as a Leader and have a lasting positive impact on your team.

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