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Insights® Discovery Programs

Insights® Discovery provides an innovative and interactive way to develop potential in your organisation at all levels: self, teams and leaders.


In a context of constant changes, companies are frequently expected to adapt and reinvent themselves whilst success remains their main issue.

Whether it is individuals, teams or leaders’ potential, all contribute to the overall benefit of your organization and thus should be fully exploited!


Well understanding yourself, your environment and learning how to effectively collaborate is a great challenge for every organization to face.

Insights Discovery provides different solutions specifically designed for the development of individuals, teams or leaders’ potential in order to help you to achieve your goal!


Insights Discovery programs are intuitive, fun, interactive and provide an immediate impact. By means of deep understanding of the nature of your organization, its culture and main goals, the programs are deeply insightful and you will benefit from countless possibilities to build upon.

Furthermore, our solutions will be adapted to your needs and easily connected with your own internal topics and contents.

Insights® Discovery Solutions

We offer different programs specifically designed for the development of individuals, teams, and leaders’ potential !

ACTITUDES COACHING - Insights® Discovery Personal Effectiveness
Insights Discovery for Individuals

Insights Discovery Personal Profile will help individuals to understand their strengths, blind spots, value to the team, motivators and to find out how to increase their personal effectiveness.

This experience will provide them the opportunity to build on what has been discovered and to learn to adapt and connect to others in an easier and more effective way.

Insights Discovery for Teams

This specifically designed program will help the team to benefit from a better and more synergic collaboration between its members: not only the participants will improve their individual effectiveness thanks to Insights Discovery Personal Profile, but also they will learn how to take advantage from their diversity in a constructive way.

ACTITUDES COACHING - Insights® For Leaders
Insights Discovery for Leaders

The Insights Discovery Leadership Effectiveness program, combined with the Insights Discovery Personal Profile provides an extensive overview on the impact of leadership behaviors as well as what is needed on an individual level to lead with a greater impact.

Learning how to motivate, develop and lead team members based on their preference – in combination with powerful leadership tools – will create an immediate impact in the working environment.

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