Executive workshops for sustainable performance & growth
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Transforming your vision into sustainable results

Executive workshops

Our Sustain-Model™ programs for Executives highlight the power of creating an encouraging environment at work. We understand that your priority is the long term development of both the company and the talent. Through true multifaceted programs ranging from strategy to mentoring, you will develop a clear vision on how to align your organisation’s culture around core principles that promote a sustainable approach to performance and growth.


The long-term success of your organisation, its sustainable performance and growth stems from the Executives at the top.

Smart organisations are currently stretching their corporate culture beyond the traditional planet, profit and people pillars of sustainability.

We advocate that to constantly exceed your customers’ expectations, your organisation needs to create a culture of sustainable performance that is shared internally across all Executives, Leaders, Talents & Teams.


We propose a new approach that ask Executives to focus on “Building Sustainable Teams” internally to achieve highly sustainable performance.

Building sustainable teams can only be achieved through supportive leadership. As an Executive, by focusing your mindset around mentoring, developing and caring for Leaders, Talents and Teams, this is exactly what you will provide!


The Sustain-Model™ programs invite your Executive team to collectively reflect on your organisation’s current practices. You can also decide to include key talent who truly reflect your organisation’s culture.

You’ll learn from the latest concepts on sustainable leadership, get access to best-practices and will have the possibility to benchmark alongside inspiring examples from organisations that have successfuly created a culture of “sustainable performance”.


The Sustain-Model™ programs for Executives challenge your Executive team to define its vision of what sustainable growth means to your organisation and its stakeholders.

Leadership development advice
Tailored programs

All our L&D initiatives, from the one hour starter conference to the full two-and-a-half day workshop are fully adapted to your needs.

We develop tailored programs, content & format in English, French or German.

Executives advice

We focus on real life case studies combined with Executive-to-Executive feedback to enhance your learning experience.

We stimulate the group’s collective intelligence to boost your learning experiences.

Advice for executives development

We collect valuable data and summarise our views of your organisation’s further development needs in an expert report.

We offer one-on-one debriefs to support individuals and create change that lasts.

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