How is your organisation doing?

HR Consulting

Our HR Consulting services help companies take their rightful place as informed & caring employers in the 21st century. In recent years, leading organisations have started to integrate “Sustainability” into their corporate strategy. Today, the trend is to expand corporate sustainability to include their most valuable asset – their people. We can help you and your team of experts in Human Resources Management make the transition towards “Talent Sustainability”.


We have the privilege to consult with organisations where both HR & Business Leaders are convinced that long-term success can only be achieved in an organisation where talents flourish. We share the same values and strive to transforms our “Building Sustainable Teams” vision into reality.


We can facilitate all phases of your HR projects: whether the goal is to assess your organisation’s current practices, define new initiatives, or organise your workplace health & talent management initiatives into a systematic approach that smoothly integrates into your HR roadmap.


You will benefit from our first-hand expertise in Building Sustainable Teams across a range of organisations in the private and public sector. From our side, we bring to the table tailored expertise for your project thanks to our network of Senior Consultants and to our collaboration with Health Promotion Switzerland.

Friendly Work Space® / Job Stress Analysis

We co-create, design and implement innovative HR “Talent Sustainablility” initiatives.

Job Stress Analysis

How is your organisation doing?

Thanks to the FWS Job Stress Analysis developed by Health Promotion Switzerland we can provide an accurate picture of work-related stress and its sources, as well as the level of engagement/well-being of your collaborators across all departments.

We provide information sessions, results, prevention techniques and plans of action to be integrated into your HR Roadmap.

It helps identify priorities for HR roadmaps and plan initiatives that meet employees’ needs

FWS Job Stress Analysis is scientifically validated and was developed with corporate partners including Nestlé, ABB, Migros, etc.

Friendly Work Space label

Earning the “Friendly Work Space®” label is great news for a company, and is a brilliant incentive for both current and future employees! Like any good badge of honour, it has to be earnt and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Join the 59 companies already accredited! We’ll help you earn your Friendly Work Space® label.

The Friendly Work Space® label is awarded to organisations which successfully implement workplace health management (WHM). Companies with Friendly Work Space® accreditation make a systematic commitment to ensuring good working conditions for their employees.

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