Leadership advice - Coaching for managers & entrepreneurs
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Leadership excellence through sustainable leadership


We dedicate our one-on-one sessions to Leaders & Executives who believe supportive leadership is the key to unlocking sustainable high performance from their organisation and themselves. Providing tailored programs for managers, senior managers, directors and entrepreneurs, we work with you at various levels to address your personal & business priorities and resolve organisational challenges. For more info, feel free to get in touch!


To be a role-model within your organisation and enjoy your leadership journey, it is essential to dedicate time – on a regular basis – to self-reflection, energy renewal and goal setting.

You’ll avoid the acceleration trap while sustaining your energy, engagement and drive. As a result, you’ll be more balanced and present with your customers, colleagues and family.


We help you deal with obstacles, provide insights as you reflect about your leadership style and help you as you take action towards your goals.

Applying the concepts of the Sustain-Model™ you can adopt a sustainable approach to leadership in both your team and organisation.


By taking a brief timeout from the fast-paced business environment and creating “brainspace” to reflect, zoom-out and think creatively.

One-on-one advice helps you look at the old with a new perspective. Setting goals for yourself and your team will give you momentum and bring fresh ideas to work and home.


individual track

The Sustain-Model™ one-on-one debrief covers the complexity of your leadership role in today’s workplace.

This individual debrief of your assessment with the Sustain-Model™ questionaire is focused on you.

We’ll measure your current level of energy & drive and identify areas you can enhance.

Leadership development advice

Firstbeat® Lifestyle Assessment
helps you understand how your body reacts to daily activities.

Thanks to a comprehensive personal report, you’ll learn how to better manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise efficiently.

It will help you improve your daily performance, reach your goals and simply feel better by choosing the actions that have a positive impact on your work, leisure and life.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Advice for executives development

Our one-on-one sessions are focused on your needs. The sessions are an opportunity for you as a leader to extract yourself from the fast-paced business environment and create “brainspace” to reflect, zoom-out and think creatively.

You get to set the pace and expectations from the sessions.
Based on your objectives, we’ll adapt our coaching style to stimulate discussion, challenge your thinking, help you deal with obstacles and give you neutral feedback.

We look forward to working with you.

Insights® Discovery

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